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Our Initiatives

Products developed specifically to be the change. A few developed to solve some problem and a few to strenghten the community. By a startup for a startup.


How many times you have felt that while studying for exams you get distracted easily by new series, new trending YouTube videos, or most importantly by your 100 Billion $ startup Idea. Well I get distracted easily by this. So we decided to build an application where you may share, maintain and track your notes. As well as it will remind you after your exams to watch all those things that you wanted to. Isn't it awesome.

E-Cell Page

Now there are E-Cells almost in every college. It takes a lot of time to find the Summit you would like to attend based on your availability and interest. So as an initiative we present you E-Cell page. Your one stop place to find and register for the Summit happenning across the country in a single platform. Find speakers, summit, events, competitions and a lot more. For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Chal Startup Karte Hain

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Major cities of India

Covering the latest things happening in the major cities of India, starting with Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram andn Raipur

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A week in the startup world in one place in the form of a magazine. Articles analyzed and made just for you.

Keep it short

It is a lot happening in the world outside, so we also believe in KISS, Keep it Simple and Short but also informational at the same time.


We too hate fake news like you, so expect only true analysis and reports about anything in the magazine.

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