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Exam pattern changed by CBSE

CCE replaced A few days back CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) announced the change in the exam pattern which…

CCE replaced

A few days back CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) announced the change in the exam pattern which will replace CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation). When I was in 7th std CCE was implemented in my school. Speaking honestly I used to love CCE as we got marks easily. Because we get some projects, assignments and moreover we had to study the syllabus in two parts in which the other parts which we studied earlier would not be asked in the next. Did you notice what I said earlier that we got marks easily? And it affected me a lot in 11th std because we were not in a habit of studying complete syllabus and from 11th we had even 2 books in some subjects. So basically what I want to say is that since our childhood we are taught to get more and more marks. We go to school to study and get marks and NOT TO LEARN.

The above article is taken from Dainik Bhaskar. And yeah this is true. I personally fill that in India there is lack of quality education or I should say lack of practical education.

My views

Few months back I was in IIITNR for attending a session with EU officials and there a faculty shared his experience that when he was doing his PG in Japan. He said that his professor asked him that when he will be sufficient to give his exams. And there would be a viva kind of exam. He said that he was very happy that he would not have to give the written exam. And it would purely be like a viva. So he gave date to the professor. So at the final date the seen in the final exam was like this. The professor asked him to kindly sit in the table and then asked what is inheritance (a programming term) , he stated it. And the next question of the professor was how many times have you implemented inheritance in your projects how and why. This clearly shows what exam mean to them.

Example 2

At the same time he had some subjects in circuit designing. So his professor took him to a volcano. Actually the volcano became active and then they had to cancel many flights due to ash and all. So his professor took him to that place means volcano mountains and said that we will make an apparatus so that if the volcano is about to erupt we will get information. He did not said that we will make a fire alarm system or so which everybody hopes to do in his college project. Rather he took a real life project and asked him to work on it.


So basically what I want to say is that the govt of India i.e. CBSE should design such a education system in which there is more focus on learning rather no marks. We INDIANS need to change our mentality we think that the person who get more marks in exam is more intelligent. BUT THE FACT IS THAT SOME FEW MORE MARKS IN EXAM CANNOT DECIDE OUR FUTURE. And the history is full of such example take an example of sir Albert Eisenstein. So I have dedicated this article to those students who get depressed when get less marks in exams. And for those parents too who think that getting marks in exams in everything. Thank You for reading this patiently. Review it below in the comment box.


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