From manual labour to Mercedes owner

Hello friends, today I would like to share the true story of a person who was a labour he worked as a welder in a welding shop but now the he has changed his time from welding cars to riding it, or in short it is From manual labour to Mercedes owner.

From manual labour to Mercedes Owner

Hello guys, Today I would share the story of a person who once again has proved that nothing can bring you success other than hard work.

The first place: Arang

So the story starts with a village in Arang Raipur, CG. There was a small street shop, or more precisely Pan Thela ( पानठेला ) and no doubt a simple one. So everyday he used to sit in his shop and dream for a better future. Nothing great happened here and the people at Arang has witnessed the first phase of his life. As everybody want a better life he too wanted it and off-cores for a better life he moved to Nagri.

The second place: Nagri

A hard working labour working in welding shop for fulfilling his dream. And no doubt for sure was not satisfied with the work he was doing. Not only because he was earning less money from the job but because he had a big dream. He had dreamed a luxuries life. He believed that he was born poor was not his mistake but if he dies poor surely he would be responsible for it.

The third PALACE: Raipur

You must have noticed that I have written PALACE instead of place note it the reason would be clear till the end. The seen is like this. Just Imagine the seen, and feel it you would enjoy a lot.

Indoor Stadium Raipur

Vestige Award Function, Raipur. Every year Vestige organises a program for awarding its best candidates who performed extremely well. He mow earns few lacks a month. YES your read it right. 4-5 lac ¤ a month. And this income has been increasing or I should say accelerating. His name is Mr. Gopi Kishan Kashyap Universal Crown Director at Vestige Marketing. None or less credit goes to Vestige Marketing to whom he owes a lot.

Vestige is the leading direct selling company in India and the only Indian company to be featured in top 100 direct selling companies in the world.

If you would like to know more about Vestige or want to join vestige just message me.

I would write another amazing story of a person who does not know how to read and write but know earns approx 8 lac ¤ a month. Wait for it.

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