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A caterpillar lives in a cocoon. If it is told, 'There is a butterfly that flies wherever it wishes. It…

A caterpillar lives in a cocoon. If it is told, ‘There is a butterfly that flies wherever it wishes. It can reach any ground, any flower. This butterfly is none other than you!’, will it believe this truth? It probably won’t. On the contrary, the caterpillar will dismiss your pleas and say, ‘I am stuck in this cocoon, I can’t come out and I can barely move. You speak of emerging out of this and flying? I can’t even imagine such a fantasy!’

You will then tell that potentially, ‘Okay, don’t imagine it right now. Just apply all your energy to whatever state you find yourself in at this point in time. Have faith that there is Supreme Life outside. Start functioning with the conviction that you will eventually become a butterfly and fly freely. If you begin to apply all your power to this, after a few days you will be able to emerge from this limitation of this cocoon and fly. Otherwise, you shall remain where you are.’

You must be aware that when caterpillars [pupas] struggle to come out of the cocoon, they use their unformed wings, and in the process help their wings develop strength. Those caterpillars that do not apply their energies remain stuck inside their cocoons. Suppose someone were to take pity on such a caterpillar and open its cocoon for it, it will still wouldn’t be helpful. After coming out, the caterpillar’s wings would not open because the caterpillar didn’t apply it’s own strength which is essential to open its wings. It’s wings open out only when it applies strength and goes though the struggle.

The person who tried to help the caterpillar has actually done harm. The one who understands this truth will not try to open the cocoon. Instead, he will constantly remind the caterpillar, ‘You can fly like a butterfly. The pain you are undergoing is nothing but the preparation you need to become a butterfly.

Let me share one more example, once a man was going by a road he collided with a tree and fall. He started crying as he was unable to stand again. He was waiting for some help. A monk was passing by when he saw this man, he slept beside him. It was weird for that man. He immediately stood up and ran away. He still didn’t know how he was helped by that monk. Help may not be always as you expect it. It may come in unexpected ways.

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