Google announces scholarships to upskill India’s developer and student base

Are you a developer web or Android. If yes then this is for you. But if you are not a…

Are you a developer web or Android. If yes then this is for you. But if you are not a developer but willing to learn Android or mobile web specialist then you are reading right post. Yesterday on 23th Nov 2k17 google announced 130k scholarship that will help 130k developers across India for Mobile Web Specialist and Associate Android Developer certifications.

Google Developers Training

According to Google on its blog they say:

Google has a vision to help make India a global hub of high-quality mobile developers.
Through its Mobile Skilling program and other initiatives in India, Google is making world-class mobile developer education accessible to millions of students and developers.

And yup it’s not a scam I will add the original link too of the official Google India Blog.
According to William Florance, Developer Products Group and Skilling Lead for India, Google:

Our goal is to create  a pool of highly skilled tech workforce that is readily employable by the Industry and help spur innovation. Under this scholarship program, Google will sponsor 100 thousand scholarships on the Pluralsight learning platform and 30 thousand scholarships on Udacity to help developers gain access to advanced learning curriculum and further their employability in emerging technologies like Mobile and Web development, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Platforms.

So basically Google in collaboration with Udacity and Pluralsight has announced a new scholarship program that will surely help 130k developers across India. So if you want to become a Google certified developer then this is the best chance to earn one. And even you are a newbie you can earn a Google Certified developer certificate. All you need to do is do the course which is absolutely free and you can access them by clicking/tapping here for Udacity and for Pluralsight.

The Program

Currently, their focus is on two topics that are Android Development and Progressive Web Apps or Mobile Web App. So the certification on two things which you can access by clicking on the links for Mobile Web Specialist and for Associate Android Developer. Other certification programs which are not free are Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect and Google Certified Professional – Data Engineer. As per the scholarship program, we may get only Mobile Web Specialist and Associate Android Developer programs.

The process to get Certificates

Google is providing study materials through Udacity. So firstly you need to sign up in the website of Udacity learn, study and prepare. Then give the exam and the last step is an interview. If you are able to clear it you will get certificates. They have also listed the basic minimum requirements for the system configurations. And the only language is English. You must be above 13 age to apply for the same. And you need to give your valid identification and for the same, you must have your current passport.


Click on the links

Learn more about this scholarships and apply only here.

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