How startups are changing the way we used to live

Hello guys, Since few days I have realized the involvement of startups in my daily life. So basically today I…

Hello guys,
Since few days I have realized the involvement of startups in my daily life. So basically today I would be sharing how startups are influencing our daily life and also I will list few startups which really may affect the way you used to do anything. So here we go.

How startups are changing the way we used to live.

Few startups have changed my life much in few days. You to may have experienced the same. Like earlier I used to go anywhere with an auto or public transport and many times it used to happen that I was late. But then I heard about Ola Cabs, Uber Cabs.

My Case

I would share an incident why I prefer Ola or Uber now. I was with my mom in the market we booked an auto-rikshaw because I don’t have a valid license yet. So actually we had a lot of items we bought in our shopping so there was no option for public transport like City Bus or so because they don’t go up to my door so we had to walk till our home from the bus stop. So better we decided to book a auto-rikshaw till our door. I told the driver that you have to go till our colony he agreed I once again told him that you will take us till our home once again he assured the same. So the ride was quite well up to we reached nearby our home. Now he asked from here where to go then we directed him. He started behaving strange he said you told me to took you till here you are going inside the area, he was misbehaving like ‘Auto uda dunga, auto plta dunga and all’ We were shocked with his behavior and if did not know he must have asked earlier before starting the ride. We were shocked because we had clearly stated that we will to this place. And similar kind of incident happened again with us. Every-time we used to clearly stat that if you will do till our home than ok else we wouldn’t go with you.

Importance of startups

I stated the above incident happened with me and honestly this is the reason why startups have more importance then this old cultured business. I switched to Ola Cabs. Because of the behavior of the driver. The driver knows that if he misbehaves no doubt the customer is going to rate him the lowest. Few months I had to go Delhi for a competition we were looking for hotels no doubt we could get one by going through there website but thanks to OYO rooms we did not have to struggle much. So it is like much involvement of these kind of startups. And how can you forget PayTM during the demonetization I guess it was the only thing in which many were dependent. Few days back I had few problems with the furnitures in my home I called GoMistri and yeah it was done. So in my previous post I had stated that the days are coming when we would be having a lot of startups serving us in almost every common job. And yeah you would require the help of start-ups in every day-to-day life. And the best thing is that those days are coming soon. Believe me in India the startup culture is changing now the startups are focusing on how they can serve the most to the customer. Here my list goes,

  1. OLA Cabs
  2. GoMistri
  3. Oyo Rooms
  4. 1 Mile
  5. Vegknock
  6. PayTM

I think the startups listed above would be very helpful in our daily life. Just click the link on the above list and you would land there.
No doubt startups are growing and hence the startups supporting startups too are growing like few startups are working on how to help startups. Like in this tech era we can’t believe a startup not available in tech platforms like having a website and an app is must now-a-days for better connectivity with the customer. So few startups like CodeNicely are providing in house tech team for startups. So if you have an idea but not the team like developers and all you can always reach to these startups.

And Happy Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima

Hope it helped, comment below.

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