How To Setup A C++ Development Environment In Ubuntu Linux

Compile and run C++ programs in Ubuntu. Here is the complete guide to set up a C++ development environment with Eclipse in Ubuntu Linux.

Every programmer (mostly all) is always directed to use linux systems as they are more flexible for development. I too personally believe that but problem is that in the beginning when we start coding like learning C/C++ then generally we go for any C/C++ compilers most of the times it is Turbo C or Turbo C++. If you are using any windows machine then I am sure either you might be using Turbo C or CodeBlocks. If you use CodeBlocks then really you are on the right way.

I would suggest you to go through this link for why you must not use Turbo C. Click Here

Honestly I use Ubuntu and believe me its love!!! 🙂 . So as part of curriculum I have to code in C and C++ in my coming semesters. When I used to use Windows I used to code in CodeBlocks. But since I have switched to Ubuntu I didn’t know how to compile C codes in Ubuntu. I googled, I went through stack-overflow and  realized that I was a kind of asking for 2$ from Bill Gates. Actually it is the source or simply it is build on it (i.e. C). I realized that I can compile it in terminal only. And yeah!! my love for Ubuntu increased 1000 times. As usual you need a text editor like Gedit or nano or so which are very basics. And can’t be categorized as IDE’s.

Today I was going through this blogs IT’S FOSS believe me I fall in love with this linux blog since I first read its post. So I get a structured procedure how can we integrate our system (linux) so that we may code in C or C++.

In this tutorial the author has given an example with Eclipse but I would suggest you some awesome compilers like Visual Studio Code. I would suggest you to use this perticular IDE because it is awesome. Earlier I used to have Sublime Text and ATOM but now visual studio code has replaced all my IDE’s.

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PS: While compiling C codes use gcc instead of g++ all remains the same.

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