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HappyChases is a platform for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts that enables its readers to gather more information on emerging technologies like ML, AI, IoT, Blockchain also it helps budding entrepreneurs, startups to know more about the current scenarios in the world. Also, we share tactics on how you may grow your platform to grow further. The simple idea is we grow by lifting others. You may consider below points as the guidelines for posting on HappyChases.

How may you contribute to HappyChases?

We believe that we learn by trying so you need not be an expert in writing skills. Just use simple words and please be genuine. Give references to their respective sources.

The article written must be 100% human written. So BOTS not entertained.

If you have a good knowledge of any skill sets or simply you wanna share your experience you are welcome.

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After you submit your article our team will take care of other things like representation and making it more reader-friendly also we have some plugins installed on the site. So at the time of writing only you will get insights of your article.

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Dos and Don’t for the writer

May do

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MUST not

  • No links to porn sites.
  • Spam / Pongy schemes.

Your rewards

HappyChases provide a platform to show your talent to our readers. You may share the journey of your startup/business. May add your case-studies. So in the end, you get a chance to express your skills to your respective domain.

Unlimited back-links but please follow the community guidelines. The article is published on our all social media pages i.e.

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