The Epilogue of 2k17

Happy New Year

Hello Guys,

Today is the last day of 2k17 and in few hours we will land in 2k18. It’s not less than a festival to celebrate new year. Anyways many may have kept resolutions for 2k18. Almost everybody does it. So the interesting fact is that we forget 80 % of new year resolutions till the end of February. And it happens mostly when we try to change ourselves tremendously or don’t believe in ourselves. We think more then we actually do. Sometimes we know what to do but we don’t know why to do. And here are 10 commons resolutions which are taken and broken.

10 Commons resolutions

  1. Saving Money
  2. Joining Gym
  3. Will study whole year
  4. Will not bite nails
  5. Reach office in time
  6. Drinking water as much
  7. Keeping room clean
  8. Spending holiday with friends or closed ones
  9. Starting a new work
  10. Learning to play a new musical instrument

If you have kept any of the above resolutions then don’t worry as I said maximum times we do things because its a trend. Its not wrong actually but when we don’t know the reasons of doing so then actually it does not make sense. So I too have my resolutions that are based on my mistakes which I did this year.

It’s all about priority

Yup you read it well its all about priority. Whenever we talk about time management its actually about priority management. The task with the most priority must be given preference 0. And so on. So its a very simple tactic if we want to manage our time we must learn to priorities our tasks. Yup actually I did many mistakes regarding the same and I have a bad habit of multitasking so the next is.

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One at a time

I experienced that multitasking is bad actually. Because first of all our concentration gets divided. And it is well said that 1 completed task is much much better than 10 half completed tasks. So one at a time.

Reading books

First of all we get rid of this virtual world. And second reading books is a very good habit. And I have made a very simple rule that at least one book in a month.

So while thinking for new year resolutions I came up with this. I think this will be best resolutions for me because I need it. And yup I wouldn’t go with the trend unless I feel so. So my simple suggestions for you would be same. Always remember the fact that resolutions must be kept when you truly know WHY.

Its almost one year since we were born. And I am happy to inform you the new members of the team HappyChases.

New members of the family

So the new members are Manish, Kundan and Yashwant.

And we promise we will post regularly from the next year with at least 1 post per week.

And do try our new app to wish anything.

WishesWith HappyChases

And Happy New Year once again.

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