The Secret Recipe

The secret recipe for a successful startup


The Secret Recipe

Well, sorry for the title I honestly believe that there is no shortcut to success. But what I mean by the secret recipe is the smart work which is very fundamental and every entrepreneur must know. I am a blogger and an entrepreneur. What I am sharing today is not my own knowledge but it is of Dr. Vivek Bindra. I love the way he explains small but powerful things. You may just click the link and subscribe to his channel I found it very useful for an entrepreneur.

I follow him and I have made a collection of 4 videos of Dr. Vivek Bindra which you must know if you are starting or have started a startup of your own. One more thing this post will a bit longer than usual not in terms of words but content. I have embedded the videos which you have to watch in a flow.

Three Steps

I believe that there are three basic an essential steps which you have to take while running a startup or a business. We will start from scratch right from the ideation stage or strategy to grow the established business.

First Step: Initializing

The very first thing which an entrepreneur must have while starting a startup or business is the vision-mission. It is very true unless and until you have a clear vision of what you want to you can’t run a business.

There are two people. One person takes an arrow throw it in a wall and he makes a circle around the point which the arrow created. And becomes happy that he won as the arrow is at the center of the circle. Another person makes a circle and tries to put the arrow on it. And with trial and error, he keeps improving his shot. And finally, he achieves it.

I guess you understand what I wanted to say, as an entrepreneur if we want to run a successful business we must have a vision and a clear strategy on how to achieve it. The video below have some case studies must watch and then continue.

Second Step: Planning and Organizing

Now when you have a clear strategy of what you want to do, the next important thing is that people don’t care what you do. The clear funda is that is your product really needed. Yes! you read it right. Often we think of something and start working on it. But unless and until it helps the end user consumers they won’t use the products. So here are the two videos on branding, marketing, positioning and understanding consumer behavior. The videos are in two parts so watch them both.

The Final One: Making Decisions

Taking decisions in a company or a startup is a very important part. More because every step taken affects the company directly it’s like walking on a wall, one wrong step and you fall. So Dr. Vivek Bindra has given a very good method to take any decision.

The Final Words

I am a very fond of the motivators who take a lead and motivates other. I always try to share this kind of important and useful resources from this blog. Please subscribe for the latest updates and click the notification floating icon in the right bottom corner of the screen to get instant notifications on a new post. All the videos are in the Hindi language, actually, I don’t want to just re-write the things which are told in videos so people who don’t understand Hindi may have problems understanding the same.

Thanks a lot hope you loved it. Please let me know what you felt about this in comments below. 🙂

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