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The story of Simply Blood

Recently, we had a chat with Kiran Verma, Founder of Simply Blood also LinkedIn Power Profile 2018. Today we will…

Recently, we had a chat with Kiran Verma, Founder of Simply Blood also LinkedIn Power Profile 2018. Today we will share the story of Simply Blood and the story of Kiran Verma the man behind this.

You might have got some messages of blood requirements in your WhatsApp in some emergency cases. Many of us show our awareness in some campaign and donate our blood as well. Obviously, it is helpful but since not many of us do it, it does not have that much impact as it should. People are not aware of this and in fact, many have the misconception that donating blood makes you ill.

According to Zee News, India has a population of 1.2 billion people and annually requires over 12 million blood units. However, only nine million units are collected. This means the country faces a shortage of over three million units of blood every year. There is a shortage of 1,00,000 units of blood in the National Capital Region (NCR) itself.

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There are some people who instead of blaming others for such issues, come forward and take the responsibility to make it right. So is Kiran Verma.

The Inspiration

Kiran lost his mother to cancer at 7. He pledged to help mankind, serve humanity and devote himself to a social cause. He says that once his teacher required blood who had some kidney problem. So actually he went there to donate blood so that he will get some more internal marks in the exam. But after donating blood he felt very happy. It is a feeling when you know you have done something good by helping others. And it was the moment when he realized the importance of donating blood.

After this, he started donating blood regularly at an interval of 3 months. He started creating Orkut Groups, Yahoo Groups (these were the most popular those days), later on after the birth of WhatsApp he started creating Groups over there as well. And this is how he created a small community.

The beginning of Simply Blood

Obviously, his mobile number was spread in the public. In the night at Dec 26, in Delhi, Kiran received a call for donating blood. He went there to donate the blood in a govt hospital. It is blood donation, you obviously don’t charge for donating something. But, there was a middleman who contacted Kiran and he has demanded money from the poor couple who needed the blood.

When Kiran got to know that his blood is being sold he went to complain, but later he realized that the lady has sold herself to save her husband. It is obviously a heart rearing moment when you get to know some harsh reality of society. Kiran left his job on the very next day after learning the incident. And decided to create Simply Blood.

About Simply Blood

Kiran already had the network so he just shaped it into a virtual platform. After the birth of Simply Blood, someone wrote an article on them and it went viral. They started getting more requests for the blood donation from across the country.

Blood requirement is such a cause which is around the world. And there was one moment when they got such a request from Pakistan. Two teachers got shot by Taliban in Pakistan, and when you learn about such stories you realize that you have a responsibility now to help everyone. He contacted someone from Pakistan and finally, the blood was arranged.

Back in June last year he donated his blood to a very young 7-year-old kid. And after two months he realized that the child could not survive because he needed more blood and apparently no one came forward.

Kiran realized that only creating a platform is not a solution, we need to educate others about blood donation. So he thought of creating a campaign. Kiran traveled more than 16000 KMs and covered all the states and Union Territories of India for 7 months. He met with more than 7 lac people.

Kiran says, he realized that we need to spread awareness about the same and started writing about Humanity.

No Revenue

Simply Blood is created for helping others. They don’t charge anyone for using the platform.

Initial Challenge

Obviously, every parent wants his child to see as a successful person. And, leaving is a settled job is no such thing which a family would support. So was with Kiran too. But, where there is a will there is a way.


Credibility is a thing which every new business/venture/organization has to prove initially. So was with the Simply Blood. Initially, they knew about Kiran so people used to ask him directly but as I said the credibility of an unknown is common. People don’t trust easily. And it is more when they get something more valuable easily. Which is irony?

Kiran says initially, people didn’t believe, and it was a very big challenge. So it took time to build that trust.

Future plan of Simply Blood

Simply blood will become the worlds largest community in the next few months. They are planning to work with the government to connect the blood banks across the country. They are improving the blood donation which will eventually make the process more transparent and feasible. Also, Simply Blood is working on building the community across the world.

About Kiran Verma

Kiran Verma is a school dropout from India, he works for a social cause. He says that his wife has been a great support for him and his family. Kiran has declined to monetize the platform so that he could focus more on the cause then the business. Support Kiran in creating awareness through crowdfunding.

A message to young entrepreneurs

Simply don’t do a startup if you find it fancy, follow your own calling.

– Kiran Verma

It is a buzz right now. If you really want to do a startup forget about the risk and follow your passion or cause. Sooner or later you will eventually get success.

And yeah I too think and believe that everyone has its own story and everyone is a hero of his own story. Don’t compare yourself with others. Be yourself and always remember by comparing yourself with others you might block your endless possibilities.

We are trying to bring the stories of some unsung heroes and young entrepreneurs whose story will inspire you for sure. Keep reading and following HappyChases for the latest updates about Entrepreneurship and Startup. If you liked our content share this article with your friends. Maybe it could help someone stuck in a dilema.

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