Three ingredients of a successful STARTUP

Recently I have been reading an amazing book The 100$ Startup by CHRIS GUILLEBEAU. So I would share what I have learned till now. These are basically the three lessons about which Chris has talked.

Three lessons

1. Convergence

Not everything that you are passionate about or skilled in is interesting to the rest of the world, and not everything is marketable.

The above two circle states a lot. Every entrepreneur must have listened these words like, follow your passion, you can turn your talent into a business but we have a particular that does not mean that we can do anything. Rather using that talent in something that will surely benefit your potential customers will help you to create a micro-business.

2. Skill Transformation

The easiest way to understand skill transformation is to realize that you’re probably good at more than one thing.

I think this point points more at us only. Knowing ourselves and our abilities may help us to use our talent to run a micro-business. Yup you read it right! For example, teachers are usually good at more than just teaching, they’re also good at things such as communication, adaptability, crowd control, lesson planning and coordinating among different interest groups. I think you got the hint.

3. The Magic Formula

The above two ideas adds up to give us an amazing formula

Passion or skill = usefulness = success

There are many examples in real life. Many startups, micro-businesses which were started with a motive of earning money to fulfill our basic needs but later turned out to be a successful startup / micro-business. No doubt your idea matters a lot but still this skills may help you to make your business more productive. There are many case studies in the book you may learn a lot of things from the book.

No Copyright intended. All the rights are reserved by the respective book author and others. I loved the book so I am sharing few things which I think are very important.

Source: The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better To Live More

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The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better To Live More

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