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Why Telegram is a true messaging app?

There are plenty of messaging app available on the market. Like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Messanger, Hike, BBM etc. I tried above apps for messaging. In this blog, I will write why I think Telegram is the best messaging app.


It is an app used for instant messaging. It utilizes the internet for the messaging, if you are connected with the internet via WiFi or your carrier data plans then you may use many messengers apps to send messages across the globe instantly.

The Evolution of Messenger Services & AppsThe Evolution of Messenger Services & Apps Created By Ooma.com

All the messaging apps have basic features but almost every app has a USP like BBM is a messenger cum social media as well, and I think Hike is a bit copy of BBM with story features. On the other hand Bolo (By Patanjali previously known as Kimbho) is advertising itself as a Swadeshi (made in in-house or made in the country) app. So honestly there are many instant massaging apps available in the market but I think Telegram is the best among them. here is why.




Channels are the best way to broadcast messages, it is the best way for announcements, notices or in the conditions when you don’t care about the responses in the post.

Group members limit

Unlike WhatsApp Telegram does not have a group limit of 256 members. You may have as many members of a group. Also, you may see the previous messages of a group before joining it. So that you may decide whether or not to join the group.


Telegram supports BOTs and this is the reason there are many BOTs in the platform. A simple use case of the BOTs may be for searching a particular message. Like if there is a group in which you share many Android apps, then BOTs may help your subscribers to find a particular app and there are infinite possibilities.


Admins of the group have the maximum power. They may add a user, remove a user, promote a user; what this is common. Here comes the difference if you are an admin then you may ban a user, delete a message of a user if it is a spam or inappropriate.


Many a time it happens when we want to have opinions of all the users over a topic. We have few options or basically we want to have a poll. There is no inbuilt option for polls but there are BOTs that does it for you like @vote.


A username is like a unique identifier for a user/bot. You may address a user by @username anywhere.

No Spammers

So Telegram has done an amazing work to prevent spammers, it is like if you spam anywhere either in a group or in person and if it is reported as spam then you are given few penalties like you may be banned from the group and you will not be able to send messages to those who are not in your contact list. An interesting thing happened like I tried spamming in a community group. Firstly my message was deleted and I got banned and I was unable to send the message to one of my friend whose contact was not in my contact list. The penalty is for a time period and it increases with the number of reports.

And the most important things, it is an open source application so you may find many clients for the Telegram.


What do you think about Telegram, let me know in comments. Also, we are looking for bloggers, who are willing to write for HappyChases.com.

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